Heavyweight Selections

Mythical Roots inna Secular Grounds

A concept mixtape shaped by the voices of reason, science & human rights. From Carl Sagan to Stephen Hawking, inna dubplate fashion. A slick selection, from the days of Treasure Isle to the contemporary mastership of Roberto Sanchez.
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Strictly 7'' Roots & Foundation

Strictly 7” Roots & Foundation is a pilgrimage from the days of early Reggae to the uprising of Roots, showcasing the crucial role the flip side dub versions played in such evolution. Mostly a ’70s affair, with the remarkable exception of contemporary producers Kalbata & Mixmonster.

Rototom Roots Yard 2017

Since 2012, the Roots Yard at Rototom Sunsplash brings many a selector the chance to play at the biggest reggae festival world wide. So, for another year together, here it is a 30 minute roots reggae selection, featuring an exclusive special from Mythical Roots inna Secular Grounds.

Rototom Roots Yard 2018

Once againthe Roots Yard brings the audience at Rototom Sunsplash a 100% roots reggae line-up, showcasing a wide range of selectors from around the globe. Here to celebrate it, half an hour of just pure ’70s flavour, kicking off with a previously unreleased masterpiece from BB Seaton.

One More 45

One More 45, a bunch of crucial tunes from the late ’60s and early ’70s. Names such as Lyn Taitt And The Jets, Errol Dunkley, Jackie Mittoo, Clinton Fearon and Hopeton Lewis, among other legendary artists from Studio 1, Treasure Isle, Merritone and other pioneering imprints.

Girls Scout Cookies and Vinyl

Brought to you by Tuff KayaJuan Roots and Chaka Sound Findah. Our podcasts are unplanned, unorganized and made without regard towards genres, customs or orthodoxy. Just strictly vinyl.

From "Mythical Roots inna Secular Grounds"

“What kind of signal does that send about Jamaica to the outside world?”

‘Youths Are Suffering’ is a personal take on the 1976 classic ‘Too Much Religion’ by Baba Leslie and Jerry Harris. Thru the words of John Shelby Spong, the late Christopher Hitchens, various courageous activists and refugees, and the implacable Stephen Sackur masterfully cornering Jamaica’s former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, the veil of hypocrisy around the white elephant in the room is torn in two. Because there can not be ‘one love’ without true respect for human rights. A simple message, delivered here with a mid-seventies cut by Jerry Harris outta Wackie’s featuring in-house hornsman Baba Leslie.

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