Mythical Roots inna Secular Grounds

“So, what all these represent is an argument over unresolved contradictions in the real world.”

Christopher Hitchens


Mythical Roots inna Secular Grounds is an eighty minute mixtape shaped by the words of the warriors of reason, science and human rights. From Carl Sagan to Stephen Hawking, inna dubplate fashion. A trip featuring 18 exclusive specials and a slick selection ranging from the days of Treasure Isle to the contemporary mastership of Roberto Sanchez.

Let us bring a candle to the Bronze Age mindset in which Reggae music is held hostage.

You may not wanna listen.

Track by track commentary + Credits

“I’m talking about ideas and not people.”

Tuff Kaya jingle by Jockolatex. Excerpts from Dave Rubin, Jimmy Carr, Christopher Hitchens and Lewis Black.

“There was one particular tree of which we were not to partake. A tree of knowledge.”

The words of the late and truly missed Carl Sagan kick off this journey, with a gentle reflection on the role of knowledge in the ancient Mesopotamian mythology that led to the narrative of Creation told by the big three Abrahamic religions. The man called Sagan tells it backed by a killer cut from the early eighties by Donovan Germain.

Can’t Fight Dubplate by Cultural Roots. Produced by D. Germain. Published by Germain / Revolutionary Sounds. Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan. Published by Random House. . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“Mourning disconnection. From ourselves and from each other.”

Brother Ali, delivers his message in an unique way. Mourning Disconnection in Dub is a sincere rendition to one of the most dextrous lyricist in contemporary revolutionary music. This special was given form by arranging bits and pieces from an interview by Abby Martin for RT, in which they address faith, loneliness and revolution.

No Love / Dub Love by Black Traps. Produced by W. Wright. Published by Mutt & Jeff. Brother Ali interviewed by Abby Martin for RT . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“No idea, whether it is a philosophy or a religion, is inmune to scrutiny.”

Is religion above scrutiny? Does freedom of speech give the right to offend? The incisive words of Douglas Murray and Maajid Nawaz lead us thru this absolute masterpiece from the legendary imprint Treasure Islandby pioneering Jamaican producer and founder of the Trojan sound system, Duke Reid.

Tom Drunk / Tom’s Version by Hopeton Lewis and U Roy. Produced by Duke Reid. Published by Treasure Isle. Voices: Maajid Nawaz and Douglas Murray The Big Questions: Does freedom of speech give the right to offend? . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“We get awe… by looking up at the sky.”

The unknown face of science brings a positive reaction of awe and spiritual wonder, a realm usually withheld by religion. Let’s reclaim it, for our wonder is sincere. The secular warriors Professor Richard Dawkins and Professor Lawrence Krauss join forces in this dialectic affair, backed by an everlasting Laurel Aitken production revisited by Ken Boothe.

One Step (Version) by Ken Boothe. Written by K. Boothe, E. Brooks and L. Aitken. Produced by W. Wright and L. Aitken. Published by Teem.Voices: Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, Conversation with Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss on Religion and Science (No longer online / Got a link?). Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“How can anybody know that there is a heaven… that they are going somewhere?”

Living legend Larry King brings the hard question to the arena: Belief in the afterlife. Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson‘s thoughts on the topic blend into this Rocksteady instrumental, following a delightful duet by Stranger Cole and Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson.

Make Good / Version by Stranger Cole and Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson. Written by W.T. Cole. Produced by Stranger Cole. Published by Stranger Soul Cole. Voices:  Joe Rogan, from Joe Rogan Experience with Sam Harris   Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Larry King, from Larry King Now . Madalyn Murray O’Hair on The Donahue Show . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“Now, for the proposition: Christopher Hitchens.”

Without the shadow of a doubt, the late Christopher Hitchens will be remembered as one of the strongest advocates for a world freed from supernatural obscurantism. His incisive opinions and polished dialectics rendered him a virtually unbeatable opponent in the battle of the minds. For this occasion, The Hitch enters the arena to confront living legend Ronnie Davis‘ views on God and secularism. A contemporary cut from Horus which could easily pass as a genuine production from the seventies.

Make Haste / Warning Dub by Ronnie Davis. Written by R. Davis, B. Bell and W. Dorey. Produced byB. Bell and W. Dorey. Published by Horus Records. Voice: Christopher Hitchens on Freedom of Speech, published by Intelligence Squared U.S. (includes introduction by Fredy Toobin) ,  Hitchens vs Hitchens Debate – On God, War, Politics, and Culture at Grand Valley State University, published by Center for Inquiry , Poison or Cure? Religious Belief in the Modern World published by Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs  .  I Rest my Case (Virginia Commonwealth University) .  Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“I want to take back intelligent design. I want to take back other hijacked words.”

Richard Dawkin’s words of wisdom glide along a killer late 70’s instrumental roots masterpiece produced by Michael Gordon. The late George Carlin, warlord on the crusade against the misuse of language, makes and special appearance in the last bars to set the record straight.

I.R.S. by Investigators. Written by Michael Gordon. Produced by Michael Gordon. Published by Inner City Records, re-issued by Partial Records →. Voices: Richard Dawkins, Now Praise Intelligent Design, published by the Atheist Foundation of Australia  . George Carlin, Abortion . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“God as a person is a projection of the imagination.”

Baruch Spinoza tried to reinvent religion in favour of a more scientific approach to existence and a philosophy of tolerance and benevolence. He was officially excluded from Jewish society at age 23, but continued developing highly controversial ideas regarding the nature of the divine. Backing, the skillfulness of the man called Roberto Sanchez outta Lone Ark Studio.

Crisis by Pappa Cruz, written by F. Cocera, S. Villaverde, I. Vazquez.  Children of Israel (Extended Mix), written by L. Thompson, S. Villaverde, I. Vazquez. Produced by Roberto Sanchez. Published by Nansa Records →. Voice: Narrator’s name unknown, produced and published by The School of Life Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“Now let me add a personal word…”

John Shelby Spong is a retired American bishop of the Episcopal Church who calls for a deep rethinking of Christian belief, away from theism and traditional doctrines. Alongside George Coyne, Spong is a beacon of progressive thinking inside christendom. That fact, combined with his profound Bible knowledge, clashes inevitably with Junior Brammer a.k.a. Trinity in this wickedly heavy late seventies cut.

Note: John Shelby Spong’s words about ‘not believing a lot of biblical stuff’ are not autobiographical, but a quote.

Vampire by Trinity, written by Wade Brammer. Published by Iroko Records →. Voice: John Shelby Spong, The Judeo-Christian Faith Story: How Much is History?, presented by the Chautauqua Institution .  Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“Schools train people to be ignorant. With style.”

Frank Zappa’s thoughts on education, censorship and free speech were a rare landmark of honesty inside the music business establishment. In this brief apparition, Zappa throws a clear, straight fact about the real function of a dysfunctional education system. In combination, Dennis Bovell and his accomplices deliver a wicked early eighties tune, echoing the two year strike at the Grunwick Film Processing Lab in Willesden, that led to a massive wave of police violence against the people.

The Grunwick Affair by The 4th Street Orchestra. Produced by Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell. Published by Old Hard Bread / More Cut / Twinkle Rootz →. Voice: Frank Zappa interviewed at the Freeman Report . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“A personal journey through the Clash of Civilizations.”

Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a true warrior in the struggle for human rights and free speech. Her story is an amazing journey through the clash of civilizations, in the pursue of freedom through intellectual independence. Unambiguously a champion for the cause, and a distinct voice resonating both in the trenches and in this dubplate special. Straight from New York’s fruitful reggae scene back in he the early eighties, KC White delivers a massive tune recorded at Channel One and mixed by the legendary Harry J.

Not The Man For You / Dub of Ethiopia by KC White. Produced by KC White. Published by Soul Proff →. Voices: Ayaan Hirsi Ali interviewed by David Rubin at  . Is Islam a Religion of Peace? presented by Intelligence Squared U.S. . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“Garvey didn’t actually in any speech prophesied about the rise of an African king.”

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., is seen as a political figure by most of the world, except for the people inside the rastafarian culture, who regards him as a prophet. The oral tradition maintains that Garvey prophesied the rise of an African king. But Professor Barry Chevannes, one of the most influential academic figures on the topic, disagrees. Backing, Flick Wilson’s massive mid-eighties tune, ‘Vibes’.

Vives / Version by Flick Wilson as Dandy Lion. Produced by Flick Wilson. Published by Things I’ve Been Through →. Voices: Professor Barry Chevannes and a rasta elder from Roaring Lion: The Rise Of Rastafari produced and directed by Ishmahil. Published by Rice n Peas . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“The way out is education.”

Carl Sagan, Henry Rollins and Neil DeGrasse Tyson cross roads in this unlikely conversation about a decadent education system which fails to provide children with the right motivation and intellectual tools. Backing the debate, a crucial mid-seventies dubwise cut straight from the isle, ‘Babylon a Cannibal’.

Babylon A Canibal / Version by Al Bell. Produced by E.D. Rickets. Published by Micron Music Limited / Wood Water Music‎. Voices: Henry Rollins, Education Will Restore A Vigorous Democracy, presented by Big Think . Carl Sagan Carl Sagan in conversation with Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke: God, The Universe and Everything Else. Conducted by Magnus Magnusson. Presented by Central Independent Television . Neil deGrasse Tyson on Teaching Science, presented byBig Think  . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“What kind of signal does that send about Jamaica to the outside world?”

‘Youths Are Suffering’ is a personal take on the 1976 classic ‘Too Much Religion’ by Baba Leslie and Jerry Harris. Thru the words of John Shelby Spong, the late Christopher Hitchens, various courageous LGTB+ activists and refugees, and the implacable Stephen Sackur (masterfully cornering Jamaica’s former Prime Minister Bruce Golding), the veil of hypocrisy around the white elephant in the room is torn in two. Because there can not be ‘one love’ without true respect for human rights. A simple message, delivered here with a mid-seventies cut by Jerry Harris outta Wackie’s featuring in-house hornsman Baba Leslie.

Too Much Religion / Religious Dub by Jerry Harris and Baba Leslie. Produced by L. Barnes. Published by Rawse. Voices: John Shelby Spong interviewed at TVO , Christopher Hitchens on homosexuality . Jamaica’s former Prime Minister Bruce Golding interviewed by Stephen Sackur at Hard Talk . Ron Reagan Jr, presented by the Freedom From Religion Foundation . Gareth Henry, Yvone McCalla-Sobers, Dane Lewis and Rhon Reynolds, Unchecked Homophobic Violence in Jamaica, presented by Human Rights Watch .  Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“He brought us the tales from the days before the Flood”

The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered the first great work of literature. Straight outta Babylon, Gilgamesh travelled the World, and in his journeys he beheld the mysteries of his time. His story contains one of the earlier versions of the tale that would become Noah’s Ark in the Judeo-Christian tradition. The foundations for this special are provided by legendary Bunny Lee in the shape of this late-seventies everlasting anthem, ‘Step it Up’.

Step it Up / Version by Barry Brown. Produced by Bunny Lee. Published by Attack. Voices: Richard Pasco, The Epic of Gilgamesh. Published by Penguin Audio . Antoine Cavigneaux, The Epic of Gilgameš, Old Babylonian Version, Tablet II, lines 1-38, presented by SOAS, University of London →.  Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“We are all born atheists. And then it gets changed… or enhanced.”

Straight from Gus Holwerda‘s documentary film ‘The Unbelievers’, Ricky Gervais connects the dots between the development of the human brain and the religious indoctrination of the youth. Contemporary producers Kalbata & Mixmonster set the tone with a heavy-weight steppers cut that is already a classic.

Skateland Dub by Kalbata & Mixmonster. Written by A. Tagar and U. Werthelm. Produced by Kalbata & Mixmonster. Published by Freestyle Records. Voice: Ricky Gervais, The Unbelievers interview. Directed by Gus Holwerda. Presented by Black Chalk .  Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“What’s the persuasive power if it’s not children indoctrination”

For the final round, the Horsemen assemble in defence of the weakest. Childhood indoctrination, the compulsory inculcation of faith and the doctrine of fear are targeted with a firm hand by the secular warriors in this special. The words of Daniel Dennet, Richard Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Sam Harris clear the arena prior to Hitchen’s coup de grace, inna dubwise fashion.  

Children of the Emperor by Albert Malawi. Written by A. Johnson. Ethiopia First (Dubplate Mix) by Advocates Aggregation. Produced by C. R. Fletcher and  L. Grant. Published by Uprising / DKR . Voices: Zia Hassan and the Boy Who Thinks . John Shelby Spong, presented by the Chautauqua Institution. Danniel Dennet, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris & Ayaan Hirsi Ali, A Celebration of Reason, presented by the Atheist Foundation of Australia . The Amazing Atheist, Student Punished For Atheism . Boy from The Up Series . Christopher Hitchens, Poison or Cure – Religious Belief in the Modern World, presented by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs at Georgetown University .  Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

“Let me just explain what happens when Professor Hawking wishes to speak.”

The most iconic voices of science and knowledge gather for the grand finale, gazing once again to the infinite path of Cosmic Evolution. Diggory Kenrick‘s version of the all-time champion Chim Cherie riddim lead this trip to its conclusion.

“We are a rising ape, not a falling angel.”

Excerpts from: Richard Dawkins, Gore Vidal, unknown  Tony Robinson reading the words of the late Terry Pratchett, Shaking Hands With Death →, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, unknown , Gay Byrne interviewing Stephen Fry, The Meaning Of Life, presented by RTÉ One . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.
Bam Bam Interlude: Big Bam Bam by Prince Williams. Written by E. Williams. Produced by Kenneth Wilson. Published by Drum Beat Records. Richman Interlude: Richman by Martin Campbell. Written and produced by Martin Campbell. Published by Channel One.
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