• Ayaan’s Journey in Dub

KC White
‘Not The Man For You’

Ayaan’s Journey in Dub

Tuff Kaya Special

“A personal journey through the Clash of Civilizations.”

Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a true warrior in the struggle for human rights and free speech. Her story is an amazing journey through the clash of civilizations, in the pursue of freedom through intellectual independence. Unambiguously a champion for the cause, and a distinct voice resonating both in the trenches and in this dubplate special.

Original Tune

KC White
‘Not The Man For You’

Straight from New York’s fruitful reggae scene back in he the early eighties, KC White delivers a massive tune recorded at Channel One and mixed by the legendary Harry J. Digged up and re-issued by Deeper Knowledge.

Credits & Samples

Not The Man For You / Dub of Ethiopia by KC White. Produced byKC White. Published by Soul Proff →. Voices: Ayaan Hirsi Ali interviewed by David Rubin at  . Is Islam a Religion of Peace? presented by Intelligence Squared U.S. . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

Further Action

The AHA Foundation is a non-profit founded by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It is the leading organization working to end honor violence and to elevate the status of women and girls globally, so they can create peace and prosperity for themselves, their communities and the world.