• Genesis According to Sagan

Cultural Roots
‘Can’t Fight Dubplate’

Genesis According to Sagan

Tuff Kaya Special

“There was one particular tree of which we were not to partake. A tree of knowledge.”

The words of the late and truly missed Carl Sagan kick off this journey, a gentle reflection on the role of knowledge in the ancient Mesopotamian mythology that led to the narrative of Creation told by the big three Abrahamic religions. The man called Sagan tells it over a killer production from the early eighties by Donovan Germain.

Original Tune

Cultural Roots
‘Can’t Fight Reality’

A gem from the early eighties, by the Jamaican vocal trio (sometimes quartet) Cultural Roots. The original vocal cut, produced by Donovan Germain, was featured in their second album, ‘Drift Away From Evil’.

Credits & Samples

Can’t Fight Dubplate by Cultural Roots. Produced by D. Germain.
Published by Germain / Revolutionary Sounds.
Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan. Published by Random House. .
Additional production by Tuff Kaya.