• Take Back in Dub

Investigators ‘I.R.S.’

Take Back in Dub

Tuff Kaya Special

“I want to take back ‘intelligent design’. I want to take back other hijacked words.”

In this special, Richard Dawkin’s words of wisdom glide along a late 70’s instrumental roots masterpiece produced by Michael Gordon. The late George Carlin, warlord on the crusade against the misuse of language, makes a last minute appearance at the final bars to set the record straight, just in case someone missed the point.

Original Tune


Although essentially being a Lovers Rock ensemble, London-based reggae band Investigators went into deeper waters such as this crucial instrumental, brought back to life by Partial Records.

Credits & Samples

I.R.S. by Investigators. Written by Michael Gordon. Produced by Michael Gordon. Published by Inner City Records, re-issued by Partial Records →. Voices: Richard Dawkins, Now Praise Intelligent Design, published by the Atheist Foundation of Australia  . George Carlin, Abortion . Voice audio samples used under Fair Use policy. Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

Further Action

As stated by Professor Richard Dawkins in his lecture, from which Take Back in Dub derives, Doctors Without Borders reach far beyond faith-based charity. They help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care.