• Youths Are Suffering

Baba Leslie & Jerry Harris
‘Too Much Religion’

Youths Are Suffering

Tuff Kaya Special

“What kind of signal does that send about Jamaica to the outside world?”

‘Youths Are Suffering’ is a personal take on the 1976 classic ‘Too Much Religion’ by Baba Leslie and Jerry Harris. Thru the words of John Shelby Spong, the late Christopher Hitchens, various courageous LGBT+ activists and refugees, and the implacable Stephen Sackur masterfully cornering Jamaica’s former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, the veil of hypocrisy around the white elephant in the room is torn in two. Because there can not be ‘one love’ without true respect for human rights.

Original Tune

Jerry Harris & Baba Leslie
‘Too Much Religion’

Rawse digged up and re-printed Jerry Harris’ debut tune from 1975, originally released by Lloyd Barnes label, Wackie’s. A heavy-weight cut which is also an insightful example of the role of the synthesizer in roots reggae back in mid-seventies New York. Furthermore, it features an outstanding backing by Bullwackie’s in-house hornsman, the skillful Baba Leslie.

Credits & Samples

Too Much Religion / Religious Dub by Jerry Harris and Baba Leslie. Produced by L. Barnes. Published by Rawse. Voices: John Shelby Spong interviewed at TVO , Christopher Hitchens on homosexuality . Jamaica’s former Prime Minister Bruce Golding interviewed by Stephen Sackur at Hard Talk . Ron Reagan Jr, presented by the Freedom From Religion Foundation . Gareth Henry, Yvone McCalla-Sobers, Dane Lewis and Rhon Reynolds, Unchecked Homophobic Violence in Jamaica, presented by Human Rights Watch . Additional production by Tuff Kaya.

Further Action

J-FLAG is the first human rights organization in the history of Jamaica to serve the needs of LGBT+ people. Get a glimpse of their situation.